Part I Vocabulary and Grammar (30%)


are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.

1.The lady in this strange-tale very obviously suffers from a serious mental illness. Her plot against a completely innocent old man is a dear sign of _________.

A. impulse

B. insanity

C. inspiration

D. disposition



2.There is no doubt that the ________ of these goods to the others is easy to see.

A. prestige

B. superiority

C. priority

D. publicity


【解析】句意:很容易看出这些商品优于其他的,这是毋庸置疑的。superiority 优势,优等。prestige威信,声望。be superior to优越于。priority优先权,重点;优先考虑的事。publicity宣传,宣扬。

3.The price of the coal will vary according to how far it has to be transported and how expensive the freight _______ are.

A. payments

B. charges

C. funds

D. prices


【解析】句意:根据运输距离的长短和运费的高低,煤价会波动。charge 收费,用,此词可泛指为其提供服务后所要求应付的价钱。payment 指付款,付出的款项。fund基金,专款。price是可数名词“价格,价钱”“代价”,一般指商品的售价。

4.Although the model looks good on the surface,it will not bear close _________.

A. temperament

B. contamination

C. scrutiny

D. symmetry



5.While a full understanding of what causes the disease may be several years away, _________ leading to a successful treatment could come much sooner.

A. a distinction

B. a breakthrough

C. an identification

D. an interpretation



6.To _________ important dates in history,countries create special holidays.

A. commend

B. memorize

C. propagate

D. commemorate



7.Please do not be _________ by his offensive remarks since he is merely trying to attract attention.

A. distracted

B. disregarded

C. irritated

D. intervened


【解析】句意:不要因为他无礼的话语而生气,因为他只是为了吸引别人的注意而已。irritate 使发怒,使急躁;使感到不适,使疼痛。distract使(人)分心,分散(注意力);打扰。disregard不顾,不理会。intervene出面;介入;插嘴;打断(别人的话);阻碍;阻挠。

8.He wouldn’t answer the reporters’ questions,nor would he _________ for a photograph.

A. summon

B. highlight

C. pose

D. marshal



9.If you don’t _________the children properly, Mr. Chiver, they’ll just run riot.

A. mobilize

B. warrant

C. manipulate

D. supervise



10.We should _________ our energy and youth to the development of our country.

A. dedicate

B. cater

C. ascribe

D. cling



11.Many scientists remain _________ about the value of this research program.

A. sceptical

B. stationary

C. spacious

D. specific


【解析】句意:许多科学家仍然怀疑这项研究项目的价值。be skeptical …about不肯相信的;常怀疑的。stationary不动的;静止的,固定的;不可移动的。spacious (房间或建筑物)宽敞的。specific具体的,特有的,特定的。

12.A human’s eyesight is not as _________ as that of an eagle.

A. eccentric

B. acute

C. sensible

D. sensitive



13.Shoes of this kind are _________ to slip on wet ground.

A. feasible

B. appropriate

C. apt

D. fitting


【解析】句意:这种鞋子在湿地上容易滑倒。be apt to倾向于。feasible可行的, 可能且合理的。appropriate合适的,适合的,适宜的。fitting合身的;合…适的。

14.The members of Parliament were _________ that the government had not consulted them.

A. impatient

B. tolerant

C. crude

D. indignant


【解析】句意:议员很生气因为政府没有向他们咨询。indignant愤怒的,愤慨的,义愤的。impatient .不耐烦的,急躁的。tolerant容忍的,忍受的。crude天然的,未加工的;简陋的,粗糙的。

15.The prison guards were armed and ready to shoot if _________ in any way.

A. intervened

B. incurred

C. provoked

D. poked



16.The vast majority of people in any given culture will ________ established standards of that culture.

A. confine

B. conform

C. confront

D. confirm


【解析】句意:特定文化中的大部分人都要面对那个文化已经建立起来的标准。confront面对;对抗;与(某人)对峙。confine限制;局限于。confine sb./sth. in sth.把…局限在。conform不及物动词,conform to遵守,符合,遵从,服从。confirm证实,证明;肯定,确认。

17.Although he was on a diet,the food _________ him enormously.

A. inspired

B. tempted

C. overcame

D. encouraged


【解析】句意:尽管他在节食,但是美食让他难以自制。tempt 引起某人的欲望,吸引某人。inspire鼓舞,激励。overcame被(烟、感情等)熏(压)倒,使受不了。encourage鼓励,激励;支持。

18.His argument does not suggest that mankind can _________ to be wasteful in the utilization of these resources.

A. resort

B. grant

C. afford

D. entitle


【解析】句意:他的观点没有暗示人类在这些资源的利用中有权利去浪费。resort to诉诸;依靠,求助于。grant 授予;同意。afford 给予,提供;买得起。afford to买得起某物;能承担;支付的起;(有条件)做。entitle称作…;给…称号;使…有权利entitle to给以权利;使有资格;给予…的权利(或资格)。

19.If you want this pain killer, you’ll have to ask the doctor for a _________.

A. receipt

B. recipe

C. subscription

D. prescription


【解析】句意:如果你想要这种止痛药,得让医生开一个药方。prescription处方,药方;处方上开的药。receipt收据,发票。recipe烹饪法;食谱。subscription 捐助,订阅,签名。

20.Some fish have a greater _________ for acid water than others.

A. tolerance

B. resistance

C. dependence

D. persistence



21.Reading _________ the mind only with materials of knowledge;it is thinking that makes what we read ours.

A. rectifies

B. prolongs

C. minimizes

D. furnishes



22.If the fire alarm is counted,all residents are requested to _________ in the courtyard.

A. assemble

B. converge

C. crowd

D. accumulate



23.The work in the office was _________ by a constant stream of visitors.

A. confused

B. hampered

C. reversed

D. perplexed



24.The joys of travel, having long ________ the disabled, are opening up to virtually anyone who has the means.

A. omitted

B. missed

C. neglected

D. discarded


【解析】句意:旅游的快乐,长期以来都忽略了残疾人,现在事实上对任何一个拥有交通工具的人开放了。neglected忽视,疏忽。omit省略,遗漏;删掉。missed错过;思念。discarded 抛弃。

25.Fewer and fewer of today’s workers expect to spend their working lives in the same field, _________ the same company.

A. all else

B. much worse

C. less likely

D. let alone


【解析】句意:如今,越来越少的人愿意在同一领域工作,更不用说在同一个公司了。let alone更不用说,还不算。all else其他所有的。much worse更糟糕。less likely不大可能。

26.When he finally emerged from the cave after thirty days,john was _________ pale.

A. enormously

B. startlingly

C. uniquely

D. dramatically



27.Thank you for applying for a position with our firm. We do not have any openings at this time,but we shall keep your application on _________ months.

A. pile

B. segment

C. sequence

D. file


【解析】句意:感谢您应聘我们公司,但是目前我们没有空缺职位,不过我很会将您的简历存档的。on file存档,记录下来备查。pile一堆,一叠。segment部分,份。sequence顺序;连续。

28.It will be safer to walk the streets because people will not need to carry large amounts of cash; virtually all financial _________ will be conducted by computer.

A. transactions

B. transmissions

C. transitions

D. transformations


【解析】句意:因为几乎所有的金融交易将通过计算机进行,人们不需身上带大量的现金,所以走在街上就比较安全。transaction (一笔)交易;(一项)事务。transmission传送, 传播, 传达。transition过渡,转变;变迁;变革。transformation变化,弯形;变质,转变。

29.The ________ of a cultural phenomenon is usually a logical consequence of some physical aspect in the life style of the people.

A. implementation

B. manifestation

C. demonstration

D. expedition



30.The new technological revolution in American newspapers has brought increase ______, a wider range of publications and an expansion of newspaper jobs.

A. manipulation

B. reproduction

C. circulation

D. penetration





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