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it is the beginning of the semester, many students have entered the campus for many months away with their desire and expectation for the new semester life. at the same time, many students who take part in the postgraduate entrance examination have entered the intensive review.


with the announcement of the results of the

preliminary examination, the postgraduate reexamination has also entered the stage of intense preparation. in order to help students prepare for the reexamination, bisu invited four senior students to offer their experiences and suggestions from different majors and question types. they carefully prepared the materials and information. at the same time, they also told the students that as long as we keep a positive attitude and believe that we can overcome the difficulties

and challenges, we will be able to achieve our goal!






the first session of campus recruitment has just come to a perfect end in bisu recently. over 40 companies set up their booths in the campus. many senior students attended the recruitment event wearing formal clothes and sent resumes on site to their favorite companies. campus recruitment plays a very important role in searching for and attracting talent in university.

nowadays the issue of college students’ employment is becoming more and more serious. although i’m not a college graduates, it makes me think of our future. most of the time, we want jobs that could offer good salary, comfortable working conditions, high social status among others. but it has always been a major concern that graduates have difficulties in finding ideal jobs. solution to the problem requires efforts on both the society and the students. companies should value talent and knowledge, while the students need to be down to earth in building up their career. therefore, we should face our weak points so as to improve ourselves and become more competent.

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